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Rabu, 02 November 2011

Free Full Download Al Qur'an and Al Hadis V6.50

Iso CD Contents:
1. The Holy Qur'an Program.
2. Remote Program.
3. Add/Remove Language Service.
4. Font/Sound Installation Service.
5. Qur'an Help, Remote Help.
6. Arabic Minipad.
7. ReadMe Files.

Quick Preview:
- Display of the entire Qur'anic text in Ottoman Calligraphy along with the vowelization marks. Surahs are indexed according to the Meccan/Medinan order, the conventional order of revelation or the Part order.

- Recitation feature of the Qur'anic text with the voice of the most famous reciters, along with other on-line information features related to the text such as:
- Unique terms: An explanation of the difficult words throughout the Qur'anic text.

- Tafsir [Interpretation] of the Holy Qur'an by Al-Qurtubi, Ibn Kathir and Al-Jalalain with the ability to compare the various interpretations of the same verse.

- In addition to Arabic, the text is available in the following languages:
- English.
- Indonesian.

- The product is also available in other versions that support the following languages :
- Malay.
- French.
- German.
- Turkish.

- Extensive search facilities using SAKHR technology in the field of computational linguistics, most important of which is the morphological analysis of words and sentences at various levels.

- Thematic Search in the Qur'anic text which includes fourteen main topics. Each main topic is divided into other sub-topics at six levels, totaling 2000 Juristic topics. The user can carry out all search modes throughout the whole Qur'anic text or in a selected scope.

- Animated display of points, qualities and manners of articulation. Correct pronunciation of each sound is provided, along with ample explanation and demonstration.

- Practical explanations of Recitation Rules (such as: Qalqalah degrees, types of prolongation, etc.) supported by various examples with the facility to listen to the proper articulation of each sound in the recitation.

- Effective aid for memorizing the Qur'anic verses. The program enables the user to listen to verses in his own voice and compare his recordings to the recitation provided by the program. Practice is provided at three levels to evaluate the user's standard of memorization and comprehension of recitation rules.

- User-friendly interface with all features displayed in any of the available seven languages.

- Running under all Microsoft Windows: 3.1, 3.11, Windows 95 and Windows NT (with or without Arabic support).

Installation Requirements:
1. PC 486 or higher
2. 8 RAM or higher
3. CD drive
4. VGA screen and mouse
5. Sound card + microphone + loudspeakers (optional)
6. At least 32 MB free on the hard disk space
Note: Additional 5 MB may be needed during setup.
7. Microsoft Windows 3.1 or 3.11, Windows 95, 98, xp "all windows" or Windows NT

Installation Procedure:
In case of using Microsoft Windows 3.1:
- burn AlquranalhadisV6.50.ISO to cd
(if you not burn to cd you can use setup "magicdisc" Create Virtual Drives "CD-ROMs")
1. Start Microsoft Windows
2. Insert CD in the drive
3. In the Program Manager select Run from the File menu.
4. In the Command Line type:
D:\Disk1\Setup (supposing that 'D' is your CD drive).
If your drive has a different label, type it instead of 'D'.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions during setup.

In case of using Microsoft all Windows:
1. Start with running Windows
2. Insert CD in the drive
3. Select Run from the Start menu
4. In 'Open' type:
D:\Disk1\Setup (supposing that 'D' is your CD drive).
If your drive has a different label, type it instead of 'D'.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions during setup.

Link Download From

 Total File Size : 650 MB

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